Take life-changing workshops in a breathtaking castle with world-renowned writer Cary Tennis


Historic Château du Pin is surrounded by 300 acres of topiary, formal gardens, parks, woodland trails and vineyards. Our workshop and retreat will take place there August 29-September 4, 2016.

Mornings we will gather in the Grand Salon for writing and reflection—fiction, nonfiction and poetry—following the Amherst Writers and Artists method. Afternoons will be reserved for individual and group conferences on craft, genre and marketing considerations. Much time will remain for solitary writing and local side trips. When workshops Topiaryare not taking place, the entire ground floor, including the tower library, Grand Salon, Petit Salon, dining room are at your disposal for reading, writing, dreaming, and relaxing throughout the day. Feel free to wander into a secluded nook in the gardens to write, walk the trails of Le Pin, relax by the pond in the formal garden, or venture into the charming small town of Champtocé-sur-Loire.

About the château: The French Government has officially classified Le Pin as a “Monument Historique”; the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication has given Le Pin’s gardens and grounds the designation of “Des Jardins Remarquables.”

DoorAccommodations: Some rooms are small singles and others are very large with king- or queen-sized beds. Bathrooms are shared with no more than one other person. If you choose one of the smaller rooms, rest assured that there is plenty of room in the château and on the property in which to escape for peace, relaxation, and a beautiful view. All workshops, breakfast, nightly family-style dinners, and a private conference with Cary are included in the price of registration. $850 saves any room.